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Rockwell B-1 Lancer Bomber Aircraft Silver Metallic “United States Air Force” with Runway Section Airplane by Runway24


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  • Brand new diecast airplane model of Rockwell B-1 Lancer Bomber Aircraft Silver Metallic “United States Air Force” with Runway Section die cast model by Runway24.
  • Brand new box.
  • Detailed exterior.
  • Comes in a blister pack.
  • This model does not have any openings.
  • Manufacturer’s original unopened packaging.
  • Made of diecast metal with some plastic parts.
  • Includes 7.25 inch long runway strip for display.
  • Dimensions approximately L-4.375, Wingspan-2.75 inches.
  • Comes with a flexible rubber runway section that can be used together with other Runway24 sets to create your own airport.
  • HISTORY ASPECTS:The B-1 Lancer, often referred to as the “Bone,” boasts a sleek and formidable presence in its iconic silver livery. Developed by Rockwell International (later acquired by Boeing), the B-1 is a long-range strategic bomber that has been a vital component of the United States Air Force’s (USAF) fleet since its introduction in the 1980s. The silver exterior not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also reflects its commitment to advanced stealth and technological capabilities.The B-1B Lancer is a supersonic bomber featuring a variable-sweep wing design, allowing it to efficiently navigate different flight regimes. Powered by four General Electric F101-GE-102 turbofan engines, the B-1 can achieve speeds exceeding Mach 1 and carry a substantial payload. Its internal payload bay and external hard points accommodate a diverse array of munitions, ranging from precision-guided bombs to nuclear payloads. With a range of over 6,000 miles (9,600 km), the B-1 excels in delivering both conventional and strategic ordnance.The B-1 Silver has actively participated in various conflicts, showcasing its versatility and strategic importance. It played a crucial role during Operations Desert Fox, Allied Force, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom. Its precision-strike capabilities and adaptability make it a key asset in modern warfare scenarios.Aviation enthusiasts and collectors now have the opportunity to own a finely crafted diecast model of the B-1 Silver. This model captures the sleek and powerful aesthetics of the B-1 Lancer, showcasing its unique silver livery. For those who appreciate the strategic significance and technological prowess of the B-1, this replica is a must-have addition to any collection. Display it with pride, commemorating the legacy of this iconic supersonic bomber.